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Carp Fishing

Carp Fishing

Unhooking Mats

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Baitrunner Reels

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Carp Boats

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Carp Hooks

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Carp Nets

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Carp Reels

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Carp Rods

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Carp Lines

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Rod Pods & Tri Pods

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It can rain when you're fishing, but that doesn't...


The best thing about fishing is the moment when the fish lands,...

Bite Alarms

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Carp Groundbait

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Carp Tackle

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Carp Bags

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Lamps & Lightning

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Sleeping Bags

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Table & Bivvytable

Tables & Bivvytable In the middle of the night, the...


Transport trolley Good fishing spots and hotspots are not...

The day slowly dawns, you lie on your bedchair and the mist over the lake slowly dissipates. As the birds chirp, you hear a loud splash on the water and immediately afterwards the bite alarm beeps. The rod pod has been patiently waiting on your fishing rod all night. Slowly and with a pounding heart, you reel in the fishing line. Then the fish wriggles in the net. Proudly weigh and measure the capital carp. After unhooking and taking a photo as proof, return the fish to the water.

Carp fishing: Plenty of time for your favorite hobby

When carp fishing, you spend a lot of time in nature and enjoy the great moments of happiness when one of the shy fish bites your hook. At you will find everything you need for successful carp fishing! Browse through our carp fishing store today and discover great deals from well-known brands, such as SHIMANO or DAM.

You need special equipment for carp fishing. You usually fish with several strong rods at the same time, which rest on a stand and wait there for the long time until the bite. We also stock the following carp fishing accessories:

Carp fishing with the right accessories & technique

Carp fishing is a game of patience that can often take several days. Once you have found a suitable body of water where carp live, you need to attract the timid fish. This can be done by feeding for several days with suitable loose food. Always feed the carp in one place at the same time of day to get them used to the spot and the bait.

The most common and most frequently used carp fishing rig is the bottom rig. To do this, connect the carp bait to the carp hook using a fine fishing line. Tie special carp rigs to mount the hair. Lay the line on the bottom. If the fish sucks on the bait, it usually takes the hook in its mouth and you can carefully reel in the line. Carp usually resist retrieving with all their strength. A good reel and stable line lead to success.

Tip: Carp fishing in winter is more challenging due to the weather conditions, but it is possible. The carp move less quickly due to the low temperature and can be caught with less resistance.

All you need to know about carp fishing in our blog post!