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Fishing Kayaks

Imagine you are standing by the lake with your rod and have been waiting for a bite for hours. Far out on the water, you watch the big fish pull and eagerly wish you had a floatable boat. With a fishing kayak, you can easily reach and fish even the most remote spots.

The three types of propulsion

To generate propulsion, you basically have the choice between three types of drive. The drive with the paddle, the pedal drive and the motor-assisted drive.

The classic drive with the double paddle has the advantage that the purchase is the cheapest and the kayak has a lot of storage space and a low weight due to the hydraulic drive. Another advantage is that you can approach your hotspot almost silently. The disadvantage is that you have to exert yourself physically and you have to put the paddle out of your hand while fishing and can drift away from the current.

The pedal drive has the advantage that you can constantly change your position and counter-steer while fishing. Furthermore, a trip across the lake is less strenuous. The disadvantage is that foot-propelled fishing kayaks have less storage space due to the foot drive and are often more expensive to purchase.

The fastest way to move is with a motor-driven fishing kayak and you can concentrate fully on fishing. However, the frightening effect on the fish is also the greatest and the use of a motorized vessel is not permitted in every body of water.

Material & weight

You have the choice between hard-shell kayaks made of polyethylene or inflatable kayaks made of rubber or PVC. Both variants have their advantages and disadvantages.

Hard-shell kayaks are above all very robust, stable and durable. However, the 30 to 40 kg floating vehicles are always transported as a whole and therefore pose a certain transportation challenge.

Inflatable fishing kayaks are much easier to transport at 10 to 15 kg, but must first be inflated on the water.

Carrying capacity & equipment

Depending on the purpose of use, pay attention to the manufacturer's specifications regarding the carrying capacity. Depending on the model type, load capacities between 150kg and 400kg are possible.

In addition to sufficient stowage space, please pay attention to the equipment of your fishing kayak. In addition to carrying handles and an integrated backrest, rod holders are practical additions that make it easier to stay on the water. Rod holders are particularly useful for kayaks with a double paddle.

So that you don't stray from your dream fishing spot, an anchor is a more than useful piece of equipment.

Heading for the sun in a fishing kayak

Set sail with the high-quality fishing kayaks from Tackle Deals and head for the best fishing spots in the comfort of your floating vessel.