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Pocket Knives

Pocket Knives

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Pocket knife

The right pocket knife is an indispensable all-round tool for every angler, which should not be missing in any fishing bag or in any trouser pocket. Whether it's for cutting fishing line, killing fish properly or cutting your breast half in half, your little all-rounder is almost unlimited in its uses.

Requirements & multifunctionality

A pocket knife that is ready for fun has one thing above all else: a sharp blade.

Since you use the knife in wind and weather and the blade sometimes ends up in the dirt, very high demands are placed on the material. A blade made of high-quality and stainless steel is absolutely essential for a long service life. In addition to a sharp cutting edge, a thumb guard is also useful so that you can always handle the pocket knife safely. Furthermore, make sure you have a non-slip, sturdy handle that you can use to hammer a peg into the ground. Whether as a folding knife, or    

Many pocket knives also have a practical saw, which you can use to cut through light undergrowth, as well as a fish scaler, with which you can remove the scales from the caught fish directly on site.

The right care   

To enjoy your pocket knives for a long time, please handle them with care. Wash the knife thoroughly after each use or run it briefly through damp grass. With the right care, you will have many years of fishing pleasure with your pocket knife. If your pocket knife does lose its sharpness, you can of course also sharpen the blade.

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A pocket knife is an indispensable tool that no fishing tackle box should be without.

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