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Dropshot Fishing

Dropshot Fishing

Dropshot Rods

In order to be successful with the dropshot method, you need a...

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Drop shot fishing Drop shot fishing is a very popular...

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Dropshot fishing

Dropshot fishing is a very fine fishing technique that requires you to coordinate your entire fishing equipment. This is the only way to achieve targeted fishing, precise bite detection and a captivating presentation of the fish. From the rod to the dropshot lead, it is important that every single component of the tackle harmonizes with each other. In addition, the choice of fishing tackle should of course also be geared towards the target fish and the respective fishing water.

If you have chosen everything carefully, you can experience great hours on the water and the chances of success for perch, pikeperch and co. are excellent.

Rod, reel and line for dropshot fishing

Dropshot rods have lengths of approximately 2.40 m to 3 m and casting weights between 10 g and 40 g. This range allows you to adjust the fishing rod from light fishing in stillwaters to heavier dropshot fishing in rivers. The tip action is very sensitive, so you always have contact with the bait during careful fishing and can recognize even the most tentative bites. However, the backbone of the blank is somewhat stiffer. This, in turn, has a positive effect on the active feeding and the strike when biting also gets through to the fish at greater distances so that the drop-shot hook can grip in the fish's mouth.

As fishing reels, small stationary reels in sizes from 2000 to 3000 are recommended. You should spool the reel with a braided line. Due to the lack of line stretch, you will always have direct contact with the artificial rod and even the lightest bites will be transmitted to the sensitive rod tip.

Accessories for dropshot fishing

In addition to rod, reel and line, you need other accessories for dropshot fishing so that nothing stands in the way of a promising fishing trip.

So that you're ready to go straight from the water, you can buy ready-tied dropshot rigs. If you want to use special leader lengths, line diameters or dropshot hooks, you can also quickly tie your own rig with a little practice. You only need a few small parts to build a catchy rig for dropshot fishing.

Large selection of predator tackle for dropshot fishing at Tackle-Deals!

Many predator anglers swear by dropshot fishing, as this fishing technique can catch numerous fish in a very short time. Are you looking for very good dropshot tackle for pikeperch fishing, perch fishing or trout fishing? Then take a look at our large selection of predator fishing tackle for dropshot fishing. Many great offers are waiting for you!