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Transport trolley

Good fishing spots and hotspots are not always just around the corner when carp fishing. Fishing comfortably from the car is often impossible. But the sweaty dragging of the carp tackle over long distances has come to an end!

With our transport trolley, you can transport all your fishing tackle to the fishing spot. fishing tents, carp bags, sleeping bags, sleeping bags, fishing bedchairs, rod pods, unhooking mats and other items of equipment. Arrive relaxed at the fishing spot and invest the energy you have saved in the fishing itself.

Transport trolley in the shape of a wheelbarrow

When carp fishing, transport trolleys in the form of a wheelbarrow are recommended. They offer lots of space so that you can load up all your tackle for longer carp sessions. The fishing tackle can be transported compactly and comparatively easily over long distances to the fishing spot. Uneven terrain is no obstacle for a transport trolley and if you need to take a short break during the walk, this is also no problem. Put the trolley down, take a deep breath and carry on.

A stable construction and a high load capacity of the fishing trolley mean that you can also transport small carp boats or other heavy items.

Transport trolleys: features and characteristics

The construction of a transport trolley can vary between the individual models. Some fishing trolleys have extendable supports. This allows you to adjust the width and create even more space for fishing tackle.

The stand feet of the trolley are often equipped with mud flaps. This means that even a fully loaded trolley does not sink into the soft ground. Thanks to telescopic legs, you can adjust the height of the trolley to your body size. This relieves the strain on your arms and back, even with heavy transport weights.

Depending on the model, the transport trolley is equipped with one or two tires. These can be pneumatic tires or solid rubber wheels. Pneumatic tires are suitable for most ground conditions and also cushion the transport weight on small bumps or bumps.

Transport bags and additional bags for the trolley

Some transport trolleys are already equipped with bags. There is room for drinks, boilies or generally smaller items for carp fishing. Some of the transport bags are positioned on the side, front or under the frame of the trolley. This allows you to save on additional fishing bags and you have more space for larger tackle on the trolley.

Depending on the model, you can upgrade your fishing trolley with various additional bags so that you can tailor it to your needs.

Rugged and inexpensive transport trolleys at Tackle-Deals!

Are you tired of lugging heavy fishing tackle around when carp fishing and would like to arrive at your fishing spot without too much effort? Then you've come to the right place. Take a look around our shop and discover great deals on very good fishing reels. Here you will find robust trolleys from various manufacturers at very good prices!