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Fly fishing has emerged as one of the king disciplines of angling. Are you also interested in mastering this discipline or are you already an expert in the field? Either way, as a fly fisherman you need the right flies, which give this type of fishing its name. These are small insect imitations that are used on the surface like real insects to serve as the ideal natural artificial lures.

They are used throughout Europe especially when fishing for trout and salmon, but also occasionally attract large predatory fish when you present the flies irresistibly. Of course, you can also tie your own flies if you like tinkering. However, if you don't want to do this or don't have the time, we offer you a super selection of bow ties with which you can achieve great results.

Flies*as diverse as the insects they imitate

With the huge variety of flies, it is not easy to find the right one. Experts who know exactly what is most promising for your waters like to buy flies individually. If you are new to the field, we recommend whole fly sets, which gives you more choice and allows you to test which fly is most effective in your waters.

The flies are assigned to various subcategories. On the one hand, dry flies imitate insects, which normally lay their eggs on the water surface and float on the water or fly away again. Wet flies, on the other hand, imitate insects that have already died and sink into the water after death.

Which type of fly achieves the greatest catching success is therefore also heavily dependent on where the target fish are located. If the target fish are not to be found on the surface of your water, wet flies are recommended in this example. In addition to these types of flies, you will also find other, sometimes very specialized types of flies such as:

  • Gold-headed nymphs
  • Hare's ear nymphs
  • Köcher flies
  • and many more!

Discover a large selection of flies at Tackle Deals!

Both beginners and experts will find the flies they need for their fishing in our online store. Simply browse through our range and secure yourself a top deal today. With our flies, you are one step closer to mastering this fishing discipline and catching your coveted fish in the process.