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Belly Boats

Belly Boats

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Your legs dangle in the water and you lean back comfortably. It sounds like a relaxing visit to the pool, but you can also enjoy the same feeling while fishing. With a Belly Boat. As the name suggests, these half boats are strapped around your stomach, so to speak. You sit on a seat and an inflated floating body carries the weight. You can use the feet to propel the boat and move around. Discover current offers on belly boats from well-known brands such as Berkley or DAM at Tackle-Deals.

Fishing fun directly in the water with belly boats

Getting into boat fishing couldn't be easier than with a belly boat. The small inflatable half-boats have everything you need for relaxed fishing on the lake or in other waters. They are easy to transport and can be inflated quickly. In addition to a padded and raised seat, belly boats have a shelf, similar to a table, directly in front of you. You can place your fishing accessories on it and attach hooks without having to paddle to the shore. Practical pockets on the sides and space for a fishing bucket in the rear offer plenty of storage options for tackle and fishing rods.

High-tech materials ensure the stability of belly boats

Today's belly boats are made of high-quality materials that can withstand a lot and are very robust. Many individual air chambers prevent them from sinking should a hook get lost. Extensive belly boat accessories cleverly complement the equipment. Rod and depth sounder holders keep your hands free when you are hooking a fish, for example.

Buy cheap Belly Boats at Tackle-Deals

In addition, there is the incredible fun that a belly boat offers. No other fishing method brings you so close to the fish and the element of water. Instead of using motors, you propel the belly boats either with your feet or with paddles. Special fins are available for the belly boats, which allow you to move even faster and with less effort. Discover our exclusive offers now and buy a high-quality belly boat at Tackle-Deals!