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Coarse Fishing

Tench, carp, bream, roach, barbel and chub are so-called coarse fish. They owe their name to the fact that they do not eat other fish, but feed on insects, larvae, worms or plankton. Pure herbivores, such as rudd, also belong to this category. Almost all native waters, such as ponds, lakes, streams and rivers, are home to coarse fish. Coarse fishing is extremely popular. This is because there are many more of their species than predatory fish and the fishing techniques are very varied. At, we have put together everything you need for successful fishing trips for coarse fish in this category. Discover fishing equipment from top brands such as SHIMANO and SPRO.

Coarse fishing is varied and exciting

You can fish for the many different species of coarse fish using completely different methods. The most important methods and target fish are

  • Basic fishing for carp
  • Feeder fishing for bream
  • Float fishing for roach
  • Match fishing for tench
  • Carp fishing with boilie

Coarse fishing: The right equipment is important

There are coarse fish that live in open water or on the surface and that you can only catch with the float. There are other fish on the bottom that are best fished with bottom rigs. When coarse fishing in winter, the method can also change from time to time, as bottom-loving fish also swim further up.

With the right coarse fishing tips and the right coarse fishing rig, hardly anything can go wrong. Once you have chosen the right rig for your next fishing trip, you will need a suitable coarse fishing rod. Buy all the accessories at the same time. These include lines, hooks, tackle and reels. Most coarse fish, such as bream or carp, are best caught with natural bait. You can use corn, dough, bread and the like. We also stock ready-made food for feeding coarse fish. You can catch the best coarse fish bait yourself, as maggots are the absolute top bait for many of the fish.