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Table & Bivvytable

Table & Bivvytable

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Tables & Bivvytable

In the middle of the night, the bite-indicator plays its most beautiful song and you are woken from a deep sleep. A full run sounds and everything has to go fast! But where is the headlamp? Well, for those who have a fishing table right next to their bedchair. The head torch is immediately ready to hand there and the carp drill can begin.

Tables & Bivvytable keep your fishing tent tidy and you can place everything you frequently need during your fishing session on them. This makes the constant search for important utensils a thing of the past and the items are not lying in the dirt or on the floor.

The side tables are generally a great helper for carp fishing, as they fulfill other purposes.

Tables & Bivvytable: A clean storage solution for various purposes!

Tables & Bivvytable serve as storage surfaces when fishing. They can be used to store receivers for bite alarms, cell phones, glasses, lamps and other items. However, fishing tables can also be used for other purposes when fishing for carp. They are particularly suitable as a dining table on multiple fishing sessions, providing a clean base for plates, cutlery, salt and pepper shakers. This makes the meal a real treat for the palate while fishing.

The side table also serves as a tying table for various carp rigs and carp mounts. Leader line, carp hooks, swivels, Line clippers and line clippers as well as other small carp tackle for tying leaders; There's room for all kinds of fish. Everything is immediately findable and ready to hand. This makes tying leaders fun!

Tables & Bivvytable with different features and characteristics

There are many different tables & bivvytable so that you can tailor the table to your carp fishing needs. The fishing tables are available in various sizes, so you can choose from a small table to an XXL table.

The carp tables also differ in terms of their material. There are aluminum and plastic constructions. A thicker edge around the table top and a coated surface ensure that the items on the fishing table have a great grip and do not fall off.

The table top itself can have partitions. There is often a large area and additional small compartments. Telescopic table legs ensure that you can compensate for unevenness on the floor and set up the fishing table straight. Thanks to the mudflap, the table is also very stable on sand or other soft ground.

Great and inexpensive tables & Bivvytable at Tackle-Deals!

Would you also like to find a tidy storage area, eat comfortably and tie the perfect carp rigs when carp fishing in the future? Then take a look around our fishing shop! You'll find great tables & bivvytable from renowned manufacturers at unbeatable prices!