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Knifes & Tools

Knifes & Tools

Fillet Knifes

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In order to be fully equipped for the additional tasks of everyday fishing, you need the right tools. Knives and pliers are part of every angler's basic equipment. Among other things, you need knives to kill a fish properly. Pliers are used for a wide variety of purposes, from setting hooks to cutting hard lines or leaders.

Functions of fishing knives & pliers

As the properties of knives differ, it is best to consider exactly what a fishing knife needs to be used for. It is not only used to cut a line, but above all to kill the fish correctly. To do this, it should be as pointed as possible and sharp on all sides to kill the fish quickly and precisely and prevent unnecessary suffering.

The knife is also often used to scale the fish. You can use knives with just one blade or multifunctional knives that have an extra tool built in for scaling. There is usually even a hook attached to the knife. But even without a multi-function knife, you can successfully and cleanly scale the fish with a good knife. Some anglers fillet their catch on the spot. For this purpose, the knife should be very sharp and narrow in order to make precise cuts.

Fishing nippers are needed, for example, to cut hooks, cut leaders or crimp the sleeves for the leaders. You can choose between special pliers for every purpose or all-round pliers. Even if the all-round pliers are more practical because you only need to have one with you, the special pliers are functionally better for the respective application.

What must the material be like?

First and foremost, the material must not rust, as it is constantly used on or in water. However, it should also always have sufficient stability and hardness. From stamped to forged knives, the options and selection are very wide. If you only need the knife for the purposes already mentioned, you are also well advised to choose a cheaper model.

The handles should also be comfortable to hold. Especially when the knife is wet, it must not simply slip out of your hand or your fingers slip into the blade. The same applies to pliers.

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Once you've thought about what you need from your tools, browse our store and find the equipment you need. For practical use on the water and to be able to carry your tools with you, we also recommend our shoulder bags. An excellent combination for every angler.