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Reel Bags

Reel Bags

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Wheel pockets

Fishing reels have a complex and sometimes delicate design. Carelessness can be enough to damage the reel during transportation and the fishing day can be over before it has even begun. To ensure that the fishing reels arrive safely at the water, it is advisable to use reel bags.

Whether spinning reels, baitcasting reels, carp reels, whaling reels or other stationary reels and multi-reels, with the matching reel bags you can protect your beloved and precious fishing reels from damage during transportation.

There are various reel bags that differ in size and design. This allows you to tailor the transport bags to your reels and your fishing preferences.

Reel bags for safe transportation

The fishing trip is coming up, the fishing tackle quickly lands in the trunk and off you go. When you arrive at the water, you open the trunk lid and immediately notice a loose reel handle or a defective reel seat.

With a reel bag this would certainly not have happened. These fishing bags offer the fishing reels very good protection against scratches and other damage. They also protect the reels from dirt, sand and other dirt particles, which can quickly get stuck in the reel brake or reel spool.

Thanks to these transport bags, your valuable reels arrive safely at the fishing spot and nothing stands in the way of your fishing trip.

Features of good reel bags

There are various fishing techniques in which the fishing reel remains attached to the fishing rod during transportation. This is often the case with spinning fishing and vertical fishing, for example. But carp anglers and catfish anglers also leave their reels ready for use on the rods. There are special reel bags for this purpose, which have an opening on the side for the reel crank. The bag can be slipped over the reel and closed around the rod handle. These reel bags are also available with a small integrated pocket. This offers space for a crank handle unscrewed from the reel.

A thick bag material, often with a neoprene outer skin, offers the fishing reels optimum protection. It protects against dirt and moisture and also cushions light impacts.

There are also great reel bags for separate reel transportation and spare reels. Some of these reel boxes have an impact-resistant outer shell and can be closed with a zipper. The fishing reels have the best possible protection inside during transportation.

Reel bags: Buy a great selection at Tackle-Deals!

Want to transport your valuable fishing reels easily and safely to the water? Do you want to protect your reels from dirt, moisture and damage? Then we have great reel bags, reel boxes and other very good fishing bags for fishing reels for you. Here you will find transport bags for your station reels, baitcaster reels and multi-reels in various sizes and designs from various manufacturers at unbeatable prices.