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Carp Reels

Carp Reels

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Carp reels

The carp is the fighting coarse fish in our waters. During the fight with a large fish, a lot is demanded of the fishing reel. A stable construction and a well-functioning drag system on the reel are therefore very important so that you can safely unthread a large carp. Heavy carp leads are also used so that the carp can hook itself on the weight when it bites. In addition, large distances often have to be cast to the hotspot, which means that the carp reels are subjected to high continuous loads.

Large selection of carp reels in our fishing store!

In our fishing shop you will find very good carp reels for different carp mounts and areas of use. These are big-pit reels with a high line capacity, longcast reels, baitrunner reels and other very good stationary reels for carp fishing.

We have stable reels with which you can easily reel out and safely land a strong mirror carp, scale carp or grass carp. Whether for carp fishing on small ponds, large lakes or heavily flowing rivers, you will find the right carp reels with us.

What advantages does a free spool reel offer when carp fishing?

Baitrunner reels are very popular among carp anglers. This type of reel is a stationary reel that is equipped with a baitrunner system. After casting the carp rig, you can activate the free spool using a lever or button. If a carp bites, the fish can pull fishing line from the reel spool unhindered. Now you only need to turn the reel crank a few millimetres and the freewheel deactivates.

You can also adjust the sensitivity of the line pull-off, i.e. how easily or heavily the carp line can be pulled off the reel spool. This allows you to adjust the reel setting to the current speed, the wind and basically to the current fishing conditions on your water.

Distance casting reels for distance fishing for carp

Especially on large bodies of water, such as reservoirs, quarry ponds or dams, you sometimes have to cast long distances to reach the carp spots. Here you need carp reels that are designed for long casting distances.

Long cast reels have a large line capacity with a high spool, which allows the line to unwind faster when casting and reduces friction. A slimmed spool edge ensures that the line can whiz off the reel spool even better.

With such carp reels you can easily achieve casting distances of more than 100 m.    

Robust carp reels at top prices at Tackle-Deals!

Are you planning your next carp session and still need reliable carp reels? Then you've come to the right place. Take a look around our online shop and discover great fishing reels for carp fishing. Here you will find a large selection of robust carp reels from various manufacturers at affordable prices.

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