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Glow Sticks

They are small, handy and provide the necessary ray of light when fishing at night - we're talking about glow sticks. Especially if you don't want to be left in the dark when night-fishing, you can't do without these small lights.

The glow sticks

When night fishing, there is nothing more exciting than watching the small light on the surface of the water. And when the glow stick starts to dance up and down, the tension rises, because a fish is making a move on your bait.

Whether you're fishing for eel with a float and worm or pike with a catfish, the bend light is an indispensable bite indicator at night.

Glow sticks – variants

Classic glow sticks are usually 4.5 centimetres long and shine in a wide variety of colors. The palette ranges from bright colors such as yellow, green and red to muted variants such as purple and blue. For cautious fish in particular, such as eel or tench, use more subdued light sources.

Tip light

With the so-called clip light, you can easily attach the bend light to the rod tip and never miss a bite again.

Jumbo Light

Glow sticks in XXL format are called Jumbo Light. These glow sticks in large size illuminate your fishing tent optimally or show you the way to your fishing rod.

Glow sticks - how it works

What actually happens after you bend the glow sticks?

There are two different chemicals inside the glow sticks, which mix during the bending process. The hydrogen peroxide in a small glass tube mixes with a cocktail of different chemicals and energy is released in the form of light. This chemical process is called chemiluminescence and helps you to see your glow stick at night.

Glow sticks glow for about eight to twelve hours after they lose their luminosity.

Glow sticks from top brands at Tackle Deals

Night fishing without glow sticks? Unthinkable! If you don't want to lose track of things at night when fishing, you can't do without glow sticks. Your well-stocked fishing tackle box should always contain at least one pack of glow sticks!