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Closed Face Reels

Closed Face Reels

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These reels are ideal for beginners and professionals alike for one-handed fishing. These special fishing reels are called capsule reels because the spool is surrounded by a capsule housing. But what makes this reel so special? The spool is also equipped with line catching pins. The line is released by pressing the push or release button. This results in much easier operation overall.

As this simplified operation makes capsule reels very attractive for beginners, this type of reel has lost its reputation in the past. Experienced anglers claimed that less skill was required when fishing with a capsule reel and that catches were not as impressive as a result. In the meantime, this view of capsule reels has changed and more and more anglers are recognizing the great advantages of these reels.

Other features of good capsule reels

Although you cannot use line thicknesses of over 30 mm on almost all capsule reels and the casting distances are not as long as with conventional stationary reels, capsule reels have a few other positive features. On the one hand, the capsule prevents grass, branches or other vegetation from getting caught in the line catcher or the rotor of the capsule reel.

On the other hand, capsule reels are much less likely to form beads compared to conventional stationary and spinning reels. This is why capsule reels are ideal for spinning fishing, as you can cast and retrieve the line constantly.

The versatile applications of capsule reels

The easy-to-use line release of a capsule reel is ideal for drift fishing. In addition, more line can be released quickly and precisely during each fight, which is particularly important in flowing waters. As already mentioned, capsule reels are also ideal for spin fishing. Apart from surf fishing, a capsule reel can perform any task that other stationary reels can.

There are also capsule reels that are mounted on the rod like multi-reels. So there are no limits to your possibilities with capsule reels. So take a look at our extremely cheap capsule reel offers now. Order a capsule reel that meets your requirements today and start fishing with ease.