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Split Rings

Split Rings

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Split rings

The entire assembly is only as strong as its weakest link. You should take this principle to heart when choosing terminal tackle and make sure that they are sturdy and designed for the respective fishing species or target fish. Even the best rod is useless if even a small mounting part does not meet the requirements.

This applies in particular to a small accessory, namely the split ring. Split rings usually only have a diameter of a few millimetres. However, they are subject to a very heavy load, especially when drilling.

What are split rings

Split rings are basically nothing more than connecting rings. This metal ring is mainly used in combination with artificial hooks and is used to mount the treble hook or single hook. If the plastic hook rusts, is blunt, bends open or you want to use a different hook model, you can replace it quickly and easily thanks to the snap ring.

In addition, the hook on the hook has more flexibility and works with the fish during the fight. As a result, a hooked predator cannot easily lever out the fishing hook during its escapes and head swings and the drop-out rate is reduced enormously.

Some plugs also have a snap ring on the diving lip for attaching the snap or swivel.

For which fishing methods do you need split rings?

Split rings are used on spinners, spinners, plugs, chatter and spinnerbaits, crankbaits, jerkbaits, spoons and many other predatory fish baits; which are used. They are therefore used wherever artificial baits are used. Whether for pike fishing, perch fishing, perch fishing, trout fishing, walleye fishing and when spin fishing for other fish, a split ring is a very important part of the tackle; ders.

In addition to fishing in freshwater, you also need split rings for sea fishing. They can be found on sea plugs, sea spoons, pilkers and other sea lures. Especially when sea fishing in Norway for cod, halibut and other strong sea fish, you should use very robust split rings that are designed for this type of fishing. A split ring has to work hard when you pump a large fish from great depths to the surface of the water.

In addition, the split rings should be saltwater-resistant to prevent them from rusting.

Large selection of robust snap rings at Tackle-Deals!

In our fishing store you will find a huge selection of spring rings in various sizes, load capacities and finishes. From very small split rings to medium-sized connecting rings and ultra-stable offshore split rings, you will find the right rings for your type of fishing in our store.

Lost fish due to bent or broken connecting rings are a thing of the past. With our sturdy split rings, the dream fish is no longer a dream and you can safely drill out and land even the biggest opponent.