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Deadbait Rods

Deadbait Rods

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Deadbait rods

Roach, Rudd and other prey fish are the favorite food of pike and pikeperch. The predatory fish can therefore be very easily outwitted with a dead kill fish or fish scrap. After all, no fish imitation is as good as the original. It's already too late before the faker can uncover the fake prey, as there is a catch. For this reason, deadbait fishing can be used to catch capital and extremely suspicious pike and zander.

In order to cast heavy catfish with bottom or float rigs and stand up to a strong predator, you need suitable catfish rods.

Features of fishing rods

Deadbait rods are relatively long for shore fishing with lengths of around 3.30 m to 3.60 m. This creates a very good leverage effect when casting with heavy fishing rigs and high casting distances can be achieved. However, boat fishing does not require long casting distances and the deadbait rods with lengths of 2.40 m to 2.70 m are correspondingly shorter.

Thanks to a casting weight of 100 g and 200 g, you can also cast large catfish and heavy groundbait without any problems. Some fishing rods are not marked with a casting weight, but with a test curve. This is for fishing rods for pike-perch fishing and pike fishing with natural crankbaits at 2.75 lbs to 3.5 lbs. The test curve does not give a direct indication of the casting weight, but tells you how much weight needs to be attached to the rod until it bends at a 90 degree angle.

Both the starting ring and the rest of the ring are large. This means there is less friction in the ring inserts caused by the fishing line when casting and you can also fish distant hotspots.

Deadbait rods: powerful backbone and a great fight action

The rod blank from deadbait rods has a strong backbone, which allows it to be optimally loaded when casting. This makes high casting distances possible. This feature also benefits you on the hook. After all, predatory fish have a fairly hard mouth and the fishing hook should be able to penetrate safely when striking.

Despite the powerful backbone, deadbait rods have a great action towards the rod tip. This perfectly cushions the rapid escapes of a predatory fish and greatly reduces the risk of the hook slipping during the fight.

Great selection of fishing rods at low prices at Tackle-Deals!

Are you an enthusiastic deadbait angler or do you want to discover the fascination of predator fishing with catfish for yourself? We have a great selection of very good predator rods for you. We have pike fishing rods and zander fishing rods for fishing from the bank and boat at affordable prices. Experience the excitement of a fight with a large pike, how the adrenaline rushes until the dream fish finally lies in the mesh of the landing net.