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Nanofilament Line

As an angler, you are faced with the difficult decision of which equipment to buy in many areas. When it comes to the main fishing line, the most commonly used lines are monofilament and braided line. With the Nanofilen line, Berkley developed a completely new type of fishing line in 2011, which combines the positive properties of both lines.

Manufacture & properties of Nanofilament line

The Nanofile line gets its name from the manufacturing process in which hundreds of Dyneema fibers, which are only a few nanometers in size, are combined and formed into a single line. This creates a very smooth surface, similar to monofilament lines, which results in significantly less noise when reeling in the line than with some braided lines.

In addition, the Nanofile line combines extremely high resilience and high breaking strain with very small diameters due to its design. The small diameters in combination with the smooth surface even improve the casting distances of the line. The meters gained in this way can make all the difference for you, because you can reach fish-rich areas in the lake that you cannot reach with braided lines.

Here are the advantages of Nanofil line at a glance:

  • Smooth surface
  • high load capacity
  • small diameters
  • improved throwing distances
  • almost invisible in the water

Nanofilament line and its areas of application

Nanofilament line is one of the most versatile fishing lines. You can use it for both predator fishing and peaceful fishing. They offer great stability and strength even with predatory fish. They are therefore also strong enough for large pike or trout. Alternatively, you can also use the line for sea fishing for salmon, for example. This is possible as the line is also saltwater-resistant.

In addition, there are no limits to the choice of rod you can use. You can use the Nanofile line on a wide variety of fishing rods. However, with regard to fishing reels, please note that nanofilament lines develop the best running properties on stationary reels.

If you find the properties extremely tempting and now want to buy this Nanofile line, then you've come to the right place in our online store. Take a look around and find offers Nanofile lines from Berkley at excellent prices.