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Imagine you are standing on a dreamy creek, the sun is reflecting its warming rays on the glistening surface of the water and you have all your fishing equipment with you to end the beautiful day with lots of trout catches.

In order to be able to put your plan into practice, you need suitable equipment and a promising fishing rod. One of the absolute top baits for trout is the Powerbait from Berkley. Over decades of research, the company has continued to refine the trout dough and turned it into an irresistible trout bait with a wide variety of smells and flavors. With Powerbait, you can lure even the most cautious salmonids onto the hook!

Powerbait – The ultimate trout bait!

For many decades, the Berkley company has made a more than well-known name for itself in the field of trout baits. Ingredients, attractants, colors and additives have been optimized time and again and tested for maximum bite rate.

As a result, there are powerbaits in the most diverse shapes, colors and odors that are just waiting to be tested by you on the water. There are now also powerbaits with glitter and mica, which, depending on the light, have an additional attractive effect on the finned fish.

We offer powerbaits in a variety of flavors, from garlic and liver to powerbaits with cheese, worm and pellet attractants.

Choose your powerbait according to the respective water conditions. Bright, intense colors in particular can have a deterrent effect on fish in clear waters. In such a case, it is better to use dark, black or blue powerbaits. In murky waters with poor light conditions, your powerbait can be more colorful and eye-catching in order not to get lost.

Fancy powerbaits at unbeatable prices at Tackle Deals!

Are you on the hunt for the really big trout? Then you can't go past the powerbaits from Berkley when making your choice. Choose your powerbait from a wide range of different colors, jigs and accessories and get excited about your fishing success!