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Sometimes it would be extremely practical to know where the fish...

Underwater Cameras

Unforgettable pictures and spectacular videos of the fish...

You've been sitting in your fishing chair for hours, lost in thought, looking out over the waves on the lake. Unfortunately, your bite indicator isn't making the desired sound and you start to doubt whether there are any fish in the water at all?

Equipped with a fish finder in the form of an echo sounder or an underwater camera, you can actively detect the fish and get to know the water below the surface. The information alone about the bottom of the water, such as pits and underwater edges, will give you considerable strategic advantages in the hunt for your favorite fish.

Hello Echo? - Fishing with fish finders

When fishing from a boat, echosounders are unbeatable helpers for spotting fish congregations and getting to know the bottom relief. The echo emits sound waves that are reflected by the bottom. The depth of the water is determined by the time it takes for the signal to return to the receiver. Echo sounders are an effective means of locating fish, especially when sea fishing on the high seas, as the fish bubble is reflected by the transmitted signal and the fish can be visualized on the display.

With Sonar you can locate any hotspot!

Live under water

With an underwater camera, you get spectacular images and recordings of what would otherwise remain hidden: the underwater world and its biodiversity.

The camera is usually slid directly onto the line and aligned with the cage. This allows you to film the bites close to the scales. In addition, a high-resolution underwater camera provides you with one thing above all: information about the feeding behavior of your target fish and the attractiveness of your chosen fish.

Be there live when the pike swims after your wobbler and have the nerve-wracking spectacle transmitted directly to your cell phone or tablet. This makes fishing sessions even more action-packed and exciting.

Depending on the water quality, you can watch the fish underwater as they approach your hook and then strike. The visual bite indicator means you are prepared for every bite and can land significantly more fish safely in the net.

The underwater camera allows you to:

  • high-resolution photos
  • action-packed videos of live bites
  • Bait control and analysis
  • A breathtaking underwater impressions

One step ahead with the fishfinder!

Whether with an echo sounder or underwater camera, you can obtain insightful images and information about your favourite fish and optimize your fishing areas, rigging and fishing methods. With the fish finders from Tackle Deals, you can uncover the secrets of the underwater world and increase your fishing success.