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It is impossible to imagine peaceful fishing without pole rods. They have a high status among anglers worldwide, as they are not only used by professionals, but are also particularly beginner-friendly. The advantage of pole fishing is that you only need a pole rod, a fishing line and the assembly around the float, lead, bait and hook. This makes it possible to fish without an additional fishing reel.

This is why complete equipment is considerably cheaper than for other types of fishing. This makes it all the more worthwhile if you are a novice angler who still wants to experience the fun of pole fishing on a small budget. The technique is fairly simple, as you are alerted when the floating float sinks and only need to reel in the rod.

Stippling rods*Giants among the fishing rods

Tip rods are differentiated according to their length. There are telescopic rods, which are usually 3*4 m long and are used to pursue schools of fish. Other rods are sometimes even over 15 m long. These are usually made up of different parts and are better suited to fishing further away from the bank.

Although you can cut off individual sections as required to shorten the pole, always bear in mind how much space your fishing location offers. On the one hand, you need enough space to the rear or above if you want to reel in the pole. Particularly with regard to the height, you should make sure that there are no electricity pylons or cables nearby that you could touch with such long rods.

Weight and stiffness of pole rods

Although pole rods are extremely long, they should still not be too heavy for active spinning. It is best to pay attention to the material. Fiberglass offers stability at an affordable price. Carbon is ideal for combining stability with low weight. Even if the pole is relatively light, we recommend Rod Pods, on which you can place the rod.

In general, the pole must be fairly stiff and only have tip action, as otherwise it would only sag at the lengths mentioned. In addition, the high strength of the blank gives you a good bite feel despite the length.

Do you finally want to fish successfully for white fish using a simple fishing technique? Then be inspired by our range and take advantage of one of our top offers today! Get the right pole for catching rudd, ide, bream and many other white fish.