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Perch Fishing

Fast, but with a lot of feeling, drill a perch from a forest lake. The predatory fish have a very soft mouth and will quickly get out if the perch rod is too stiff and the drag is set too hard. Perch are not that easy to catch, but perch fishing is an exciting pastime. And once one of the striped fish with the distinctive dorsal crest and yellow, orange or red fins is landed, we anglers are delighted. In our online store at you will find the best equipment for perch fishing. Discover high-quality products from brands such as DAIWA and SPRO.

Successful bass fishing with the right equipment

For successful perch fishing, you need the right fishing equipment. Only those who have the right rods, perch-reels, perch-lines and perch-hooks have a chance of making a big catch.

Find them in our store:

Happy perch fishing with the right rig

Choose the right fishing rod for perch fishing according to the fishing spot. Short rods are suitable for perch fishing from the bank and from the boat. The reel should hold enough line. Braided fishing lines are recommended. The bait rig with float and the drop-shot rig are ideal for perch fishing. The float rig is great because you can easily offer natural bait with it. It is also relatively easy to assemble. Bass can be fished very well with a worm. The dropshot rig is used to place a soft lure in the middle of a shoal of perch. The fish also take wobblers and baitfish very well.

No matter what time of year you pursue your hobby, perch can also be fished well in winter and the chances of catching large specimens are highest here. In the fall, perch fishing can be extremely successful, but they are found in deeper places. Perch fishing in summer is more difficult, as the predatory fish are not so easy to find.