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Nymph fishing is a fishing technique that originated in Switzerland and was developed specifically for whitefish fishing. Whitefish are freshwater fish that belong to the salmon family and are also known as whitefish, depending on the region. The line on which four to five shorter lines extend from the side is known as the nymph leader. The side arms are attached to artificial hooks that are modeled on real fly larvae. By slightly lifting the rod tip, the nymphs are brought into a seductive position on the hook for the fish and encouraged to bite. Fishing with a nymph leader requires patience and experienceJust try it out!

Fishing with nymph leader

The biggest advantage of fishing with a pole is that you can present the fish with four to five fish at different depths at once. The probability of a fish taking one of the many lures is correspondingly high. This method, which is well-known in the Alpine region, is also used to hunt perch in northern Germany.

For fishing with feeder rods, you need a rod with a fine tip that is ideally marked in eye-catching colors. A lead is attached to the end of the line, similar to the dropshot method, which allows the rig to sink to the bottom. Once the lead has reached the bottom, the crank is lifted with about five turns of the crank. Now move the fishing rod up and down and watch your colored tip. This procedure requires a lot of perseverance and patience, but it pays off.

If you detect a small bite on the rod tip, strike immediately.

Nymph leader fishing is often practised from boats, jetties and bridges - where a vertical fishing technique can be implemented.

An overview of fishing with a nymph leader:

  • vertical fishing method from a boat or jetty
  • with four to five fish at the same time
  • nymphs and other artificials act as bait

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