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Cooling Boxes

Cooling Boxes

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Imagine you're sitting at your favorite fishing spot, the rods are in place, your fishing tent is set up and you reach for a refreshing drink into your fishing bag and notice that the drink has already warmed up to your body temperature. A slight frustration sets in. With a suitable cooler, this would definitely not have happened to you!

Application options & tips

You will never be without a small portable refrigerator replacement when you're out and about in summer temperatures. Whether you want to use it to cool your beverages, your delicious food or your food baits, there are many ways to use it. Or you can use your cooler box to store your freshly filleted catch.

However, a cooler box is not a refrigerator and the internal temperature is highly dependent on the external temperature. Compared to the outside temperature, you can expect a temperature difference of 15-20 degrees.

Helpful hints:

  • Do not place the cool box in full sunlight!
  • after use, store open so that condensation can evaporate
  • A dripping grid prevents the cooled items from getting wet

Sizes & variants

Depending on the intended use, fishing time and tank volume, you can choose between sizes from 5 to 30 liters. The insulated boxes are always well insulated on the inside, usually with an aluminum coating or a thick-walled insulation layer.

We differentiate between active and passive cooling in cooling boxes.

Actively cooled cooler boxes can be connected to the 12 volt connection in your car, for example, or you can use a lithium battery. Especially if you are planning to go fishing for several days. It is worth buying an actively cooled version.

Passively cooled coolers can be selected by using rechargeable batteries, which you place in your cooler before setting off. With this type of cooler, you can store your drinks or baits for around 1 to 2 days.         

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No summer trip to the water should be without a cooler box. Whether you want to buy your drinks or your new baits, you are guaranteed to find them in our extensive range!