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Trout Baits

Trout Baits

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If you own a pond or pond in which you raise trout, you need special trout food. This ensures that the fish always have enough to eat so that they grow quickly and stay healthy. The pellets contain all the important nutrients that the fish need to grow. You can also get salmon trout food from Tackle-Deals. Simply browse through our constantly changing offers and discover top brand products from Balzer or Zebco.

Trout food attracts the fish

Trout food can be used for more than just feeding your own trout. In waters where the use of typical bait such as spinners, twisters, flies or wobblers is prohibited, trout dough and food can deliver good fishing results. With trout food, you can feed the trout and lure them to a spot at the same time every day for several days. When you start fishing, the trout will know that there is something tasty to be had and they will be happier. Trout food for fishing, such as trout dough or fishing corn, have proven their worth.

Refining the bait with lure spray

Lockspray can be used to give artificial corns a captivating fragrance. The admixture rate is then many times higher than with untreated cheese. These include flavors such as garlic, liver, chili cheese, shrimp, star anise, blood and trout food. The scented sprays can be used to pimp all common cheeses. The pellet smell is particularly suitable if you have already fed the trout with it beforehand.

Trout food can be found cheaply at Tackle-Deals

Don't let any more fish slip through your fingers and rely on trout food for attracting and trout bait for catching. At Tackle-Deals you will also find everything else you need for successful trout fishing, such as trout hooks, powerbait and trout tackle.