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Are the fish not biting the way you want them to? Maybe it's because you're using the wrong fishing hooks Nowadays, there are specially designed hooks for every target fish. Fishing hooks must be the right size and shape, because what's the point if the hook doesn't fit in the fish's mouth? The fishing method is also crucial when choosing a fishing hook. Predatory fish such as pike and catfish are caught with different rods and methods than peaceful fish such as bream or carp. With fly-fishing for salmon and trout, we place a different demand on the fishing hooks. At you can buy the perfect fishing hooks for every method!

The right fishing hooks for every fish

In general, we anglers distinguish between normal fishing hooks and special fishing hooks. Fishing hooks, twin hooks or treble hooks are suitable for fishing for predatory fish. You attach a hook to a hook, which the fish takes into its mouth, while the opposite hook remains in its mouth. With normal hooks, the baits, such as worms or dough, are attached to the hook and the tip ideally catches on the animal's mouth when it bites.

Some fish and the right fishing hooks:

  • Carp & perch: worm hooks
  • Catfish & zander: twin hooks
  • Trout: Dough hook
  • Pikeperch & pike: jig hooks

Special fishing hooks are the Jig hooks. Lead weights are attached to the hooks, which accelerate the sinking of the hook and facilitate the jerky method of jigging. Fishing hooks with leader are used to protect the fishing line. If a fish with sharp teeth cuts through the thin fishing line, the entire line is often lost. Steel leaders and systems are suitable for particularly large predatory fish.

Tie and knot your own fishing hooks

Tying an untied hook firmly to the line and knotting it is part of the basics for every angler. Attaching a fishing hook to a line can be a challenge. But even simple fishhook knots hold bombproof. Tying fishing hooks with a rope is probably the easiest method, but it is more difficult with treble hooks.

Sharpening fishing hooks is important if you want to use them again, as they dull quite quickly. With our hook sharpeners, the fishing hooks will grip properly in the fish's mouth again.