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The baitfish is hooked and you meticulously check the fit of your drilling once again. After casting, there is a long wait for the promising bite. For some time now, you have noticed that the float has been moving around suspiciously from time to time. All your attention is focused on the floating position of the float and the approaching final bite. With one stroke, the bite indicator disappears and the fishing reel lets go of the line. You give your rod a powerful strike and the predator hooks. The tip of the rod bends really hard, it must be something big! But in the middle of the fight, the line suddenly loses tension and the fish is gone. When you reel it in, you can see that the steel leader has not withstood the strain. With a self-made steel leader this would not have happened to you!

Tie your own steel leader with the crimping hook

Crimps or clamp are small metal tubes that you can use to tie your own steel leader. Especially when fishing for predatory fish, such as pike, catfish and zander, enormous forces act on the tackle, which is why tying your own leaders can provide additional protection.

If you intend to tie your own steel leaders, you will need the following materials: scissors, a crimp of the right size, steel leader material and pliers.

Now lay the steel leader into a loop and slide the crimping pliers over the end of the loop. Now apply the clamping pliers and press the crimp sleeve together with a lot of force. The steel leader is ready. Just cut off the protruding leader.

In this way, you can build your own leaders in a wide variety of sizes and strengths and customize your predatory fishing equipment.

The required materials at a glance:

  • Compression crimps/clamps
  • Crimping pliers
  • Scissors

Large selection of crimping sleeves at top prices!

At Tackle Deals you will find a large selection of crimping sleeves, pliers and scissors to find your own leader safely and stably. The next predatory fish can come!