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Many anglers know the frustration of having the best equipment for their fishing style and still not catching any fish. Would you like to avoid this and significantly improve your chances of catching fish? Then you've come to the right place with our feeds. Our fish food is particularly suitable for feeding fish when they are on the bank, as an attractant or directly as a bait on the hook or on side-hooks.

Which food for which target fish?

The choice of the perfect food always depends on the target fish you are fishing for. Food dough, corn and pellets are classic all-round feeds that are mainly used when fishing for peaceful fish. These feeds are used to attract fish to your fishing spot. Of course, you can also use this type of feed in feeder rigs or even on the hook as direct bait.

Boilies are a special type of food that is used especially for carp fishing. The size and hardness of the boilies makes them unattractive for many white fish species, which is why they have a very low by-catch rate. Even if you can use boilies for fishing, they are most often attached to the secondary hair next to the hook to ensure the best chance of success.

Additives contain flavors, fragrances and attractants that further improve existing food and are intended to trigger additional stimuli in the fish. Even predatory fish will sometimes eat peaceful fish food if the smell is irresistible. However, there are also special additives with blood, liver or similar for predatory fish, which you can attach to the artificial lures from spoons to large fish lures to improve your chances of catching predatory fish.

Here is another list of the most popular feeds:

  • Boilies
  • Pellets
  • Food dough, corn, worm
  • Powerbait and Gulp! troutbait
  • Additives, attractants and flavorings

Temperature dependency & duration of feed

When selecting food, always consider the outdoor and water temperatures. In summer, fish tend to stay at the surface of the water and their metabolism is increased. This is why you should mainly use floating food with a high nutrient content. In warm temperatures, the food dissolves more quickly, which means that the attractants are released more effectively.

In fall or winter, use sinking feed with a lower energy content. As the metabolism of the fish is slowed down, they will be quickly satisfied with high-energy food and will not be tempted to bite again. Boilies or pellets do not dissolve so quickly in the cold, which is an advantage if you use them directly as bait. However, flavors are released less easily.

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