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Fish Gripper, Gaffs & Harpoons

Fish Gripper, Gaffs & Harpoons

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For all adventurous deep-sea and big game anglers, there are various devices that are almost indispensable in these situations. Grips and harpoons are examples of these tools. They make it easier to hunt sea creatures. Grips make it possible to hold a fish by pinching and holding it between the two lips of the grab.

The harpoons are used on the one hand for self-defense when diving or sea fishing, should exceptional and dangerous situations arise. On the other hand, they have been used for ages to hunt large fish. The sharp tip also pierces fish with harder skin and the barbs ensure that it does not escape. The pierced animal is then retrieved using a line or steel cable.

Grips*Differences & application options

Fish Grips are available in different modes of operation. On the one hand, there are grippers with a vertical spring for spreading and closing the lips. Others work like inverted pliers. If you press the handles together, the gripper expands. If you then release the pressure, it closes and the fish can be held tightly, depending on its size.

Depending on the size and stability of the gripper and the individual components, you can use it to transport different sizes of fish. Although you can use the grabs for native freshwater fish, they are particularly useful for spiny or poisonous fish.

Different types of harpoons & legal situation

Harpoons are available in various technical designs. On the one hand, they come in the form of a spear firmly anchored to the handle, which you actively thrust through the fish. On the other hand, there are harpoons, where the spear is shot towards the fish by means of a launching device.

A distinction is made between rubber harpoons and pneumatic harpoons. With rubber harpoons, the spear is tensioned with a rubber band and shot forwards by a trigger. The pneumatic harpoons use compressed air as power to fire the spear.

For both types of harpoons, the length is decisive for the precision of the weapon, but this also makes them more unwieldy. In addition, both should always be made of saltwater-resistant components so that you can use them for a long service life even during frequent use in the sea.

Never lose sight of the current legal situation regarding the purchase and use of harpoons. Owning a harpoon is legal. However, as spearfishing is prohibited under fishing law in Germany, you may only use harpoons abroad.

Grips & harpoons at low prices at Tackle Deals

For your next fishing trip to Norway or other countries where spearfishing is legal, a harpoon is a must if you don't want to miss out on the adventure of sea fishing and underwater hunting. That's why we have suitable harpoons, spears and, of course, grips for you in our range. Choose the right harpoon for your target fish and buy it today.