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Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing

Fly Reels

In addition to a suitable fly rod and a fly that promises to...

Fly Rods

Fly fishing is the king discipline of fishing and unites...

Fly fishing is commonly referred to as the royal discipline of angling. No wonder, as this special fishing method was once reserved for the aristocracy and the middle classes of Great Britain. This is why England is considered the birthplace of fly fishing. Fly fishing imitates the fly, the most important food source for most fish. Basically, you can fish for streams, rivers and lakes, usually targeting predatory fish such as trout or salmon.

Fly fishing

The key to this special fishing technique is a fly imitation. As this has no weight of its own, fly fishing involves swinging and casting with a specially weighted fishing line, similar to a lasso. You can learn the so-called „reel cast“ or „overhead cast“ relatively quickly and, with a little practice, you can reach distances of 10 to 15 meters.

The decisive factor for successful fishing is not a flawless technique, but offering the fish the right fly in the right color at the right time.

But just be patient, it takes years of experience to understand what attracts the fish to bite.

As soon as the fly hits the water after casting, pull the fly line tight to trigger the fish's pursuit reflex. After the final bite, you start to stop to hook the fish. Now the most exciting and difficult phase begins - the fight. Around half of all fish are lost here. Above all, a lot of experience and practice are needed to safely load the fish into the landing net - have patience!

With the right equipment for success

In fly fishing, the rod is divided into so-called line classes and usually measures 2.40 to 2.70 m.

  • Line class 1 to 4 – for small flies, low casting distance
  • Line class 6 to 6 – for medium-sized flies and fish, the all-round class
  • Line class 7 to 9 – for large flies and fishing for salmon and sea trout
  • Line class 10 to 15 – for larger flies and fish, especially in saltwater  

The fishing reel is always adapted to the line class. In other words, a rod with a line class of 6 is equipped with a reel of the same class.

The lines are roughly divided into floating (Floating) and sinking (Sinking) line types in various gradations. The floating lines in particular are very suitable for beginners.

We also differentiate between special line types:

  • Shooting Taper – for long-distance casting in floating and sinking versions
  • Double Taper – line thickest in the middle and tapers in both directions, for fishing at short distances
  • Level Taper – the line diameter remains the same over the length
  • Triangle Taper – the line diameter increases evenly, very good for medium distance
  • Weight Forward – club line, the line thickens towards the front, advantageous for long casts

Everything for fly fishing at Tackle Deals

If you want to take on the challenge of fly fishing, then you've come to the right place. We'll kit you out with everything from fly rods and fly reels through to delicate fly kits.