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inflatable boat

inflatable boat

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Inflatable boats

With the inflatable boat, your fishing trip becomes an unforgettable adventure. Regardless of whether you land the big catch or not, a trip on the lake, a light breeze blowing around your nose and the incomparable feeling of freedom will accompany you on every trip. You can navigate precisely to the rough spots where the really big fish are to be found and increase your catching success considerably.

Intended use & size

Depending on the location and frequency of use, you should choose the right inflatable boat. If you intend to fish in the sea, then you need a very robust, heavy boat with an outboard motor that can cope with any swell. If, on the other hand, you want to take a leisurely trip across your club water, then a lightweight version that is quick to set up and easy to transport will suffice.

In addition, consider whether you prefer to fish alone or in good company. Here we give the tip: better too big than too small, because if there is no one else on board, you will have enough space for your equipment and your equipment.

If you intend to fish for coarse fish, then buy a boat with a wide hull that offers plenty of space and, above all, freedom of movement. However, if you are fishing for predatory fish and change your fishing spot frequently, then an inflatable boat with slim hull pays off. This means you are not only maneuverable, but can also fish in rough places.

Equipment & comfort

In contrast to normal inflatable boats, inflatable boats for fishing offer a significantly more stable outer material and several autonomous air chambers so that you don't go completely swimming if you lose air. In addition to increased safety, the comfort factor also plays a major role. Inflatable boats for fishing are equipped with many useful side pockets and fishing rod holders so that your adventure on the water does not lead to frustration.

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When all the fishing spots on the bank are occupied, get into your new inflatable boat and fish the absolute hotspots of the water. Get to grips with our extensive range and end every fishing trip on the water with a smile on your face.