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Smoker & Accessories

Smoker & Accessories

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No fish tastes better than fish that you have caught and prepared yourself. To help you prepare your fish, you will find fish roasters in this category. Smoking is a classic way of preparing fish and has been popular for centuries. There is now a very large selection of different products, which means that choosing a suitable smoker is not always easy. In principle, you need to ask yourself what you need a wood-burning stove for and how you want to smoke.

Heating or cold smoking in the smoker

Hot smoking is more similar to grilling and prepares the fish or meat so that it is suitable for immediate consumption. The temperature at the beginning of the smoking process is 80-90°C, while the meat is then smoked with smoked flour. The temperature in the smoker is approx. 60 °C.

When cold smoking, the fish is smoked over a much longer period of time at a much lower heat in order to increase the shelf life and create the classic smoky aroma. The temperature in the smoker is usually just 15-25°C to prevent the protein in the fish from denaturing over several days. For both processes, it is advisable to have a thermometer to hand or even to check whether the smoker have one built in.

Different smokers and their function

Smokers and smoker grills are ovens that are usually wood-fired. Both usually offer plenty of space and options for cold and hot smoking. Depending on the model, food can be cooked either hanging or lying down. However, their versatility makes these appliances some of the most expensive roasting ovens.

Rubber garbage cans, on the other hand, are in the mid-price segment, but usually offer less space and only the option of heating. However, they are ideal for beginners to find out whether it is right for them.

Table-top fumigators are the smallest and most compact devices. However, this is usually offset by their lower price and high flexibility. You can easily use these devices on the balcony, while fishing or on other camping trips. They are space-saving and usually run on gas burners. It is an advantage if the gas burners are adjustable and there is an extractor fan to regulate the heat. With skill, you can achieve the same results as with a large model. However, they are also only suitable for heating and smoking.

Smokers at top prices in our shop

Have you decided what you want? Then take a look through our constantly changing range and get the smoking stove of your choice today. Don't just catch the fish, prepare it too and become the master smoker in your circle of family and friends.