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Rod Holder

Rod Holder


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Rod holders & rests can offer you a great deal of comfort during long sessions. This means you no longer have to hold the rod yourself the whole time, but can put it down comfortably and pick it up again when you get a bite. In principle, they fulfill the same functions as rod pods, but the rod holders & supports are usually available individually and are therefore ideal for you if you don't need to put down three, four or five rods.

The individual holders give you advantages during transportation, as you have to carry less weight than with Rod Pods. You also don't need as much space when fishing as with rod pods. Nevertheless, there are also supports with many grooves in which you can place several rods.

Rod holders & rests can easily be combined in multiple ways

A typical rod holder consists of a main rod that is twisted into the ground and a bankstick or rest on top. A bankstick is another mounting option on which several threads are attached to provide several holders per main rod. The advantage of rod holders and supports is that they are usually designed to be completely universal and are not only compatible with specific brands.

Most manufacturers use a universal thread, which gives you extreme flexibility when selecting the individual parts. You can easily equip the rods with rod holders, rests or bite indicators. The bite indicators have a particularly important function when fishing with rod holders, as you can no longer control the rod yourself and therefore cannot register every bite. Electronic and Optical bite alarms will help you with this.

The most important thing with all rod holders and supports is stability. The rods in particular should provide a firm hold even when a large predatory fish bites. If they are adjustable in height, this is a further advantage in order to be more flexible and adapt the rod holder to the respective local conditions. In addition, the material of the rests should be as soft as possible so as not to scratch or otherwise damage the rod blanks.

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We at Tackle Deals offer you a diverse selection of different rod holders and rests at low prices. Find the right rod holder with us, which can offer you a lot of comfort during long fishing sessions!