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Rubber Boots

Wet feet make you feel very uncomfortable. Especially if you have no alternative shoes to wear all day. Fortunately, rubber boots provide protection against this. They are a very popular and frequently used item of clothing, especially in fishing. Compared to other shoes, they are much simpler in design. There are no laces or similar small parts of other shoes where liquid can penetrate.

This, combined with the waterproof material, ensures that the rubber boots do not let moisture and wetness inside and are therefore ideal for fishing. Finally, the rubber boots are used in permanent water, mud or dirt.

Rubber boots*Commonalities and differences

Although rubber boots offer protection from rain and splashing water, please note that not all rubber boots are suitable for standing in water for long periods of time. With some cheap models, the material gives way to the water pressure in sensitive areas if you stand in the water for a long time. However, good rubber fishing boots guarantee this protection.

For optimum stability in the sometimes demanding situations when fishing, the sole should be equipped with sufficient tread to provide more grip. High-quality models differ in the quality of the lining. This is softer and warmer in these models and still prevents the formation of sweat.

Depending on how well lined and padded the sole is, there are rubber boots with resistance to very low temperatures. Some manufacturers specify thermal insulation down to -50°C. With these boots you are well equipped for any winter fishing trip. A practical additional feature for rubber boots is an elastic band for the opening to prevent splash water or snow from entering as much as possible.

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