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Ice Rods

Ice Rods

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"Only the tough get in' garden" is a motto that definitely applies to all ice anglers. Because if you have decided to go ice fishing in winter, even in the worst weather conditions, you and all your equipment will be put under a lot of strain. As ice fishing is a special form of fishing, you will need both a suitable ice rod and other fishing accessories in order to be able to fish at all.

Ice fishing is always practiced when a body of water is covered with a thick layer of ice. You drill a hole in this layer, which must be large enough for the target fish to land and, of course, to ensure sufficient freedom of movement with the ice rod during the fight. If you are already equipped with a drill and other accessories, all you need is an ice rod with a suitable fishing reel.

Properties of ice rods & differences to other fishing rods

A common feature of all ice rods is that they are usually extremely short, with lengths of less than two meters or sometimes even just 50 cm. On the one hand, the shorter dimensions enable better handling on the water, as a long rod only gets in the way when ice fishing in a relatively small hole. In addition, the short ice rods offer extremely good and precise guiding as well as excellent power transmission during the fight.

You must pay attention to the quality of the blank and the guides when ice fishing. As many materials become porous and brittle under extreme cold, it is particularly important that these parts are so stable that they do not break even when fighting large predatory fish. If you are fishing Norwegian fjords or other seas, the ice rod must of course be saltwater-proof to prevent corrosion and ensure longevity.

Safety when fishing with ice rods

The most important thing when fishing with ice rods is safety. As you are mainly on the water, you must always check beforehand whether the ice is thick enough to walk on. Find out whether the police, water owners or fishing clubs allow you to enter their waters. In your own interest, adhere to any bans that are issued.

If you have opportunities for ice fishing and want to use them in the future, then equip yourself with an ice rod today. This will allow you to land the coveted predatory fish such as pike, zander or perch even at -20°C. Be inspired by our range and find the perfect ice rod at an unbeatable price!