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Terminal Tackle

Terminal Tackle

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In addition to the combination of fishing rods, -reel and -line, terminal tackle are essential for your fishing tackle. Without the right terminal tackle, you will fish with little chance of success because you will have to constantly adapt your rig to local conditions, target fish and seasons. You also have much better customization options with a larger selection of small parts.

Terminal tackle for the main line

Terminal tackle include pretty much every accessory that you bring into the fishing setup. For example, you can attach stoppers and beads to the main line. These are mainly used to attach float rigs. The stoppers hold the float in the desired position. Beads are used in many mounts to stop the lead in front of the swivel so that the tied knots are not damaged by the weights.

Leads come in many different shapes, sizes and weight classes and are usually specialized for specific applications. Coffin leads are used for currents to prevent the base assembly from drifting. Shot lead, on the other hand, is used to lead out the float and heavy surf lead for sea fishing.

Other accessories include floats and glow sticks on the fishing line, which serve as bite indicators. When the float is pulled down, the exciting fight can begin. Bend lights are used on the tip of the fishing rod or on so-called bend light floats for use in the twilight or at night.

Terminal tackle from the swivel to the hook

Swivels, snaps and swivels serve as connecting pieces between the main line and the leader. Swivels are used to prevent twisting and damage to the line when fishing with spinners or lures. The snaps are small carabiners with which you can quickly and easily change different artificial baits and thus offer more flexibility on the water.

An important further element includes leaders and systems as well as any hooks. Here too, there are no limits and the selection ranges from simple leaders and leaders with matching hooks to complete systems. You are therefore completely free to choose whether you want to buy a package or prefer to buy parts such as treble hooks and leader hooks individually and combine them with your own leader line.

Terminal tackle for special requirements

Special forms of terminal tackle are carp and catfish tackle. These are specially designed for the corresponding target fish. Both fish species can become very large and therefore place higher demands on the material. These small parts are therefore often particularly reinforced and specialized for the fish and its preferences.

If you are also looking for terminal tackle to redesign or improve your fishing rig, then our store is the right place for you. We offer you a constantly changing selection at top prices. Don't miss out on this opportunity and take advantage of it to professionally expand your equipment.