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In times of very extravagant artificial lures and lifelike fish...

Chatter- & Spinnerbaits

Chatter & spinnerbaits You are on the water and see...

Creature Baits

Creature Baits You've already pulled a lot of creature...

Drop Shot Baits

A lure that wiggles briskly and enticingly a little higher above...


Fly fishing has emerged as one of the king disciplines of...

Big baits & trolling lures

Big baits & trolling lures are a special category of...


Soft lures are the ideal bait for predatory fish hunting!...


Nymph fishing is a fishing technique that originated in...


Are you a predator angler with your sights set particularly on...

Sea Lures

Sea fishing is very popular among anglers worldwide because it...

Rigged Softlures

Vertical anglers and spinfisher all over the world know that the...

Metal Jigs

Have you already planned your next trip to the sea and still...

Topwaterbaits & Stickbaits

Poppers and stickbaits have become an integral part of...


Nowadays, artificial lures are becoming more and more crazy...

Trout Spoons

Spoons You are standing with your rod by a picturesque stream...


Trout is a very tasty fish that does not taste too intense. This...

Vibrating Lures

Vibrating Lures Spinjigs, blades and other vibratory heads...


They are essential for fishing for predatory fish! We are...


There are two categories of anglers: those who prefer to cast...

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Are you looking for the right predator fishing rod for your basic equipment or do you just want to expand your collection? In this category you will find a wide variety of artificial lures that have become indispensable in modern-day predator fishing. They are imitations of small prey fish and entice the fish to bite through their striking appearance or swimming behavior.

Variety of artificial lures

Artificial lures are available in many variations, which are designed for specific types of fishing. For example, spoons and spinners are the simplest type of lures and are best suited for spin fishing. The glow and shimmer of these lures will trigger a bite from the fish. However, these rather small lures also occasionally attract coarse fish because they also react to these stimuli.

Wobblers usually have lifelike shapes and are also used for spin fishing. By skillfully reeling in the line in combination with the shape of these artificial lures, you create a realistic swimming pattern that resembles that of an injured prey fish. The variations range from poppers and stickbaits, which are used on the surface, to large lures, which are particularly important when fishing for catfish.

Pilkers and other sea lures are mainly used for spin fishing and vertical fishing at sea. These artificial lures are basic equipment for every sea angler when hunting for large cod, for example. The large and trolling lures for trolling fishing have also become an indispensable part of sea fishing. These are attached to the extensive trolling rig.

Artificial lures & their various properties

The properties of all the artificial cables vary considerably. The following are common variables:

  • Weight*from a few to several hundred grams
  • Size*from a few centimetres to over 50 cm
  • Material*from sheet metal to metal and rubber
  • Shape*from lifelike to abstract and functional
  • Appearance*in all possible colors

You always need to make sure that the materials and types of plastic are suitable for your area of use and that the size and shape are also appealing to your target fish. Of course, the weight should also not exceed the maximum casting weight of your fishing rod.

Buy artificial fishing rods at low prices at Tackle Deals

Once you have looked through our extensive range, you will find exactly the right artificial tackle for the type of fishing you are looking for. Our range includes all the above-mentioned types of artificial bait in numerous variations. We offer you artificial lures from well-known brands at excellent prices so that you can hunt predatory fish even more successfully in the future. Don't miss out on the offers and snap them up today.