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Dropshottackle & Rigtackle

Dropshottackle & Rigtackle

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For an optimal drop shot rig, you will find dropshottackle & rigtackle in many different versions here. The drop shot method is considered to be one of the simplest fishing rigs of all. This is because you simply attach a leader to the line, with a lead-weight attached to the end. A little further up is the hook with the bait. A bait that you hold so close to the bottom appeals to almost every predatory fish. Whether you let it dance on the spot or jig it over the bottom, the success rates for perch, pike and co are great with this rig. Discover the latest offers from well-known brands such as Spro and Gamakatsu at Tackle-Deals! Browse through our deals now and make a bargain.

The right tackle for dropshotting

In addition to a drop-shot fishing rod, i.e. a rod that is particularly suitable for drop-shotting, you also need the right drop-shot tackle. From the fishing line to which you attach the leader or the active rig, to drop shot leads and bottom jigs, you will find the right accessories here. The special equipment is available individually and in kits. You simply tie the rigs with lead, leader, hook and bait to your line and you're ready to start fishing. Experienced anglers prefer to put everything together themselves and need the right rig tackle for dropshotting.

Where you will find:

  • ready-made dropshot rigs
  • Bottom jigs
  • Dropshot Pears & Round Dropshots
  • Brass Pears
  • Ready Texas Rigs

Dropshottackle & Rigtackle: The technique is crucial

The distance between the lead and the hook is crucial to whether a fish will bite. The higher the fish stand, the higher you mount the hook. If you keep spotting bites but don't hook any fish, the Jig Dropshot rig is recommended. Mount a soft lure hook directly on the lead and increase your catch rate.

Browse through our wide range of accessories and find the right dropshot tackle and rig tackle for your next fishing trip.