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Life Jacket

If you are fishing from a boat, you must pay attention to your safety. Because if you accidentally go overboard, the water can quickly become a threat. Life jackets offer comprehensive safety in these cases to prevent you from drowning. If you run into rapids in a river, for example, these forces can quickly plunge you into the depths.

If you are fishing in the cold winter and fall into the water, the cold can also severely strain your muscles. Any movement and breathing will be very difficult, which is why your life is in danger. Even if swimsuits should protect you from this, an additional lifejacket is still always recommended. Because even if fishing is your great passion, you shouldn't risk your life without thinking.

Solid-fabric life jackets

You should not base your choice of lifejacket solely on visual preferences. Your main focus must definitely be on the functionality of the lifejacket. However, it is important to differentiate between a buoyancy aid and a lifejacket. Buoyancy aids usually have a buoyancy of at least 50 newtons and are similar to a classic life jacket because buoyancy elements are installed in the front and rear areas.

These life jackets are usually made of fabric, which provides buoyancy. They are also usually very inexpensive, but restrict your everyday movements. Another disadvantage is that a buoyancy of less than 100 N does not provide complete protection against drowning. In addition, they are not power-safe, which means you can accidentally turn onto your stomach and drown.

Advantages of inflatable life jackets

In inflatable life jackets, the buoyancy elements are only on the front. If you are unconscious, you are automatically turned onto your back and continue to breathe. This applies to vests with 150 N buoyancy for light clothing and 275 N for heavy clothing. Another advantage is that they are usually available in inflatable versions. If they are not inflated, they are extremely comfortable to wear and do not restrict your movement very much.

Inflatable life jackets are usually equipped with a carbon dioxide capsule. By pulling the cord, you start the mechanism that automatically inflates these life jackets. For multiple use, you need to replace the capsules and generally maintain these life jackets every 2 years.

Properties of a good life jacket

A good and practical life jacket for fishing should both protect you and not restrict your freedom of movement too much. In addition, the outer material must be made of very robust fabric so that it is not damaged even during active fishing. Inflatable life jackets in particular must remain intact even during active use, otherwise they become useless.

In addition, the deflation mechanism must work. If this fails, it is all the better if the vest has a valve for manual inflation. Vests with signal colors are the best choice to be recognized in an emergency during rescue operations.

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