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Target Fishes

Target Fishes

Eel Fishing

The strangest fish that we fish for in this country are the...

Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is commonly referred to as the royal discipline of...

From eel to perch, from trout and pike to catfish and pikeperch - for every fish species a special fishing method has been established a particular fishing method has been established over centuries and proven to be extremely successful. Some fishing methods are constantly being refined, while others, such as pilking, remain almost unchanged. The baits have also changed from time to time and are constantly trying to convince the fish to take the final bite. Unlike when fishing with the harpoon, where you swim directly after your target fish and aim at it, when sitting in your fishing chair, you sit comfortably and try to put yourself in the shoes of your target fish. This personal touch adds a special charm to the fishing experience, especially when it comes to choosing your fishing rod, as does the competitive idea of being more successful than the fisherman on the camping chair next door.

The goal: the fish

If you intend to catch a big carp, then you want nothing more than just that: catch a carp. You want to avoid bycatch or catching other fish as much as possible. The right equipment, the right fishing method and the right choice of bait, as well as optimal bait presentation are essential, coupled with experience and, of course, a little bit of luck.

Considerations that you should clarify for yourself before fishing if you are after a particular fish:

  • In what water, and where is the fish mainly found?
  • What is the most suitable fishing equipment (rod/ reel/ line)?
  • Which is the most successful fishing technique?
  • Which is the most effective fishing rod?

Successful fishing for eel

Fishing on the bottom or with a float in stagnant water has established itself so that you can go after the snake-like target fish. In rivers, it is best to use a running rig. Experience has shown that eels are best caught at night or in bad weather.

In our store you will find everything you need for eel fishing:

But apart from the right fishing tackle, the crucial piece of the puzzle is the hook.

Eels bite very well on dewfish, redfish, catfish, nudibranchs and even livers.

Successful fishing for trout

One of the most popular angling and food fish is the trout, which is mainly found in very clear and cold waters. Real fishermen fish for the torpedo-shaped salmonids with a fly rod. However, you can also achieve very good catching results with far simpler methods, such as with floats or artificial lures.

In our store you will find the right selection of:

In addition to the fly, natural baits, such as bee maggots and dough, are very popular for fly fishing. Or artificial baits, such as small plugs, spinners or streamers.

Good fishing for carp

The carp - a tireless predator that acts very cautiously and is very popular with anglers. Carp are survivalists and particularly resistant.

The complete fishing equipment for carp fishing is available from us:

It is usually best to fish for carp on the bottom with boilies, or with a float and a natural bait such as dough, corn, maggot or worm. But small rubber fish have also surprised one or two anglers with a big carp.

Target fishing for pike

The pike is probably the predatory fish par excellence that makes every angler's heart beat faster. The dynamic, explosive bites in particular will get your pulse racing and put a big smile on your face.

Order everything you need for hunting pike from us:

To catch the predator fish, we recommend rubber baits, lures, plugs, spinners or spoons.

Effective fishing for zander

The zander is a very sensitive predatory fish and will not be won over by the first fish it catches. The perch-like predator particularly prefers warmer, slow-flowing water.

In order to significantly increase your chances of catching them, we will fully equip you:

The perch can be fished for primarily with lures, such as rubber fish or lures.

One target, one hit

Do you have your target fish right in front of you and have studied the habits of the fish in detail? Then we are your reliable partner and will equip you comprehensively, from the fishing rod to the fishing reel through to the fishing tackle, so that you can aim precisely at your beloved target fish.

Your Tackle Deals Team