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Bite Alarms

Bite Alarms

Electronic Bite Alarms

Do you know the uncertainty of not being able to tell whether a...

Optical & Acoustical Bite Alarms

In order not to miss the catch of your life, there are a variety...

You are sitting comfortably by the water on your fishing chair drinking a coffee, opening your book and reading a few pages. So engrossed in your reading, you wouldn't even notice if a fish were to bite. Fortunately, there are bite indicators that give you signals if something happens. Eel and carp anglers in particular like to use bite alarms. Unlike floats or floats that rest on the water and indicate a catch by wobbling, you don't have to keep a constant eye on modern bite indicators. Browse through our store now and find selected products from well-known brands such as FOX and BALZER at

Never miss a catch again with bite indicators

In addition to the old floats, there are also optical and acoustic bite indicators. Eel bells or glow sticks as bite indicators are an inexpensive variant. As the name suggests, optical bite indicators emit a visible movement as soon as a fish hangs on the hook. These are simple glow sticks at the tip of the rod, which only move when the line is pulled. In contrast to electronic bite indicators, you still have to keep an eye on the rod with purely optical bite indicators. The modern angler who doesn't want to miss a bite relies on electronic bite indicators.

Electronic bite indicators are available as:

  • LED version
  • with volume function
  • with radio function
  • as a bite indicator app

Bite alarms allow you to enjoy the tranquillity of nature & never miss a catch

Electronic bite indicators report a catch via a visual or acoustic signal. If a fish bites, a colorful LED light lights up and/or the device emits an alarm. Some LEDs have a longer-lasting night mode and the pitch of the alarm can usually be varied. A signal is sent wirelessly to a receiver or sound box. This is particularly practical if you are often away from your fishing spot.

Digital bite alarms can also be adjusted for sensitivity and do not react to the slightest movement, but only emit a signal when a fish is actually hooked. Unfortunately, the bite indicator can also trigger if your fishing hook has a snag. However, the so-called bite indicator hanger, which triggers a mechanical signal, is a different matter. The most modern versions transmit the signal to your smartphone or tablet via a bite indicator app. So you are guaranteed not to miss any more fish!