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Big Game Rods

Big Game Rods

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Boat or big game rods are the ideal tool for landing the really big ones. A big game rod is characterized by maximum stability and maximum power transmission to the fish. The components of a big game rod can withstand the toughest forces and offer maximum reliability even in the most heated situations.

Big game rods for the really big catches

If you are looking for a big game rod, then Tackle Deals is the right place for you. Here you will find stable, reliable and strong rods that ensure that the really big fish are defeated. For fishing in Norway in particular, it is advisable to use big game rods with a higher load limit. This is the only way you can be sure that you won't miss out on that big catch you've been longing for due to inadequate material.

The bait weight for big game rods

First of all, it is of course important which fish you want to catch with your rod. After that, select the rod taking into account the load capacity. The load capacity of the rod in question also determines the size of the hooks to be used. If the rod has a load capacity of 15*20 pounds, then weights of up to around 300 grams can be used. For 30 pound rods, you can also use rods that weigh half a kilo. For rods weighing 50 pounds or more, you are welcome to use a weight of around 800 grams.

Apart from this information, experienced boat fishermen can also tell if there is too much body on the rod. If the rod bends when using a bait, then it is obvious that it is too heavy for the rod. In addition, when a fish bites, there is no longer enough power to hook it. For this reason, when using big game rods, care should be taken to ensure that the choice of bait matches the rod.

Buy big game rods at Tackle Deals

With us you will find high-quality big game rods at absolute hammer prices! With our rods you will succeed in catching the really big ones. Whether in local waters or on a fishing trip in Norway, for example, with these big game rods you are on the safe side when the catch of your life comes along. So don't hesitate and opt for a Big Game rod from Tackle Deals! You won't regret it!