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Unhooking Mats

Unhooking Mats

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What begins with a powerful bite and hooking the fish with the fishing hook, continues with the demanding fight between fish and man and ends with the removal of the catch in the mesh of your landing net. However, in order to treat your catch as gently as possible, you cannot avoid using an unhooking mat when unhooking, inspecting and measuring your fish.

Gently landed

The unhooking mat has been established for fishing for carp for decades and is also becoming increasingly popular for fishing for predatory fish - to the benefit of the fish. The main purpose of the pad for unhooking and inspecting the catch is to place the fish on a moistened pad and handle it as gently as possible. Especially when catching and releasing fish, it is important to put the finned fish back without injuring it. Fish are covered in a mucous membrane that is essential for survival and protects them from germs and fungi in particular. When hooked on stony and sandy bottoms, injuries can quickly occur, to which the fish often succumb. Wet therefore always moisten your unhooking mat sufficiently so that the fish suffers as little damage as possible.

Shapes & material

You can find unhooking mats in our store in various sizes and variants. There are models with inflatable or foldable outer walls so that the fish do not slide off the unhooking mat and moisture is not lost. Other models can be folded in as a carrying unit and gently guide the fish to the water. Other models of unhooking mats have standing feet, which have several advantages. On the one hand, you don't have to bend down as much to take a closer look at your catch, and on the other hand, the sometimes strong fin strokes are gently cushioned on the hanging mat.

The material of the unhooking mats is made of polyester, is smooth, water-repellent and gently padded so that the fish survives the lateral position unharmed.

Find the right unhooking mat for you at Tackle Deals

Whether for predatory fish or large carp, the unhooking mat belongs alongside the net, hook remover and scales are part of the standard repertoire on the water. Choose from our large selection of unhooking mats and send the next fish gently to the mat today.