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Glow Sticks

Glow Sticks

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It's getting dark and your fishing session has not yet been successful. The rod tip is no longer visible in this darkness, but luckily there are glow sticks. With the small lights, attached to the rod tip or the pose, you can continue fishing at night without missing a bite. The glow sticks for fishing are, like the well-known glow sticks from the party scene, available in different colors. At Tackle-Deals you will discover various glow sticks in different lengths and colors! We stock brands such as Spro and Balzer.

Glow sticks for night fishing

The principle of the glow sticks is simple. Two chemical liquids inside the plastic tubes react with each other and emit a fluorescent light for several hours. There is another thin glass tube inside the plastic tube. When the bendy light is bent, the glass tube breaks and the liquids mix. The liquids are slightly toxic to the environment and animals. If a tube is broken and liquid escapes, dispose of it immediately in a waste container. Under no circumstances should you leave the glow sticks at the fishing spot, as animals and the environment could be harmed.

Glow sticks are available in many colors

Depending on the color, different fluorescent chemical compounds are used. The color spectrum ranges from violet, pink, blue, green, yellow, orange to red. The green glow sticks are most commonly used for fishing. You can easily attach the stick to the rod tip with Sellotape. If you are fishing with floats, there are special floats into which you can insert a glow stick. Or you can attach the light with tape and a rubber band.

Buy glow sticks cheaply at Tackle-Deals

Discover our special deals now and take advantage of the cheap offers. Our glow sticks are high quality and have a long burn time.