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Literature & DVDs

Would you like to learn more about fishing? Then we recommend literature and DVDs. These will give you completely new insights into various areas of angling. Use these tools to learn everything about the fish you are fishing for and your favorite fishing method to improve your chances on the water and increase your fishing success.

Differences between the literature & DVDs

What type of book or movie you research with will affect the type and amount of knowledge you gain. General literature & DVDs are particularly suitable for beginners and aim to provide a basic understanding of angling. Others are even designed to help you pass the angling test. Make sure you check whether the information provided is valid for your specific federal state.

You will also find literature & DVDs in a more specialized form, which usually deal with a subcategory of equipment or a specific type of fishing. While the general books provide you with a brief insight into everything, this type provides you with more in-depth information. In most cases, the information content is much higher and of better quality than what you will find in forums or get from other self-proclaimed experts.

The literature also often differs in terms of topicality. For example, there are also older books whose general information can still be applied to the present day. For new information, equipment guides and detailed product tests, we recommend, for example, current journals and magazines that put the products through their paces.

Comparison literature & DVD

The decisive advantage of literature over DVDs is that it is much more portable. So while waiting for the next bite at the lake, you can learn more exciting information and techniques and thus have a relaxing occupation.

The DVDs, on the other hand, have the advantage that throwing techniques, knotting techniques or Ä. are much better reproduced in video form. This gives you a better feeling and understanding of such things and allows you to learn skills.

Informative literature & DVDs at Tackle Deals

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced angler, we have literature & DVDs in our range that will broaden your knowledge horizon. So keep yourself informed and become an absolute expert in the desired areas. Simply choose the right book or movie from our range and enjoy facts and information during your next conversation with your fishing friends.