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Dropshot Hooks

Dropshot Hooks

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The dropshot method has more than proven itself in the hunt for pike, zander and perch and is enjoying an ever-growing following. In addition to the right hook, the hook is of central importance. So-called offset hooks offer you the advantage that they present the rubber fish in a tempting way thanks to their special design and can also convince shy fish to take the final bite. Your fishing boat is ready and the dropshot rod is in your luggage? Then put your soft lure on the dropshot hook and increase your catching success considerably.

Offset hooks – the subtle difference

Offset hooks differ from conventional fishing hooks in one small but crucial detail. The fishing hook is specifically bent and is therefore ideal for small and soft rubber baits. The characteristic feature of the offset hook is the bend behind the hook line, which gives you several advantages when fishing. For example, if you are fishing in heavily overgrown waters, the hook will get tangled much less due to the barely visible hook point. Furthermore, the rubber fish with offset hooks can be better picked up by predatory fish and increases the bite rate with very timid fish. Another advantage is the high flexibility thanks to the special hook shape. The rubber fish can move particularly well due to the special bend in the hook and remains very flexible. This property definitely has a positive effect on your fishing success.

The advantages of offset hooks for dropshot fishing:

  • weed protection
  • High flexibility of the hook
  • easy absorption of the body for predatory fish
  • increased catch success

When dropshot-rigging, make sure you use the right size of soft lure to match your offset hook. You should also hook the soft lure as far forward as possible so that the artificial lure has a nice play in the water.

With offset hooks, dropshot fishing becomes an experience

Are you planning to use the dropshot method to catch large pike, zander and perch? Then you should definitely be convinced of the advantages of offset hooks. Tackle Deals offers you a wide range of offset hooks in different sizes and shapes to make your next fishing session a catching success.