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Scoops & Landing Nets

Scoops & Landing Nets

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Imagine this: An angler doesn't use a landing net because he always brings fish ashore by hand. Suddenly he has an unexpectedly very large fish on the hook, which escapes because he was not prepared for it and the fish escapes from his hands. This scenario is absolutely avoidable with the right fishing net.

Nets are fishing nets that are attached to a base frame. They are part of the angler's basic equipment for landing fish from the water in a manner appropriate to the species. Therefore, depending on the fishing club, the federal state and the local fishing regulations, there is even a certain obligation to carry a landing net.

Differences in landing net & landing net pole

A landing net is not a landing net! There are many different shapes and sizes. These are suitable for a wide variety of purposes. The frame is usually round, triangular or similar, as these are stable geometric shapes. The area of application is important for the purchase. In general, you should pay attention to the stability of all components when catching large fish. The net opening and net depth should also be correspondingly large for carp, for example.

In most cases, you have the choice between fabric and rubber nets. Rubber nets are generally more expensive, but fish and hooks do not get tangled up in them. In addition, rubber does not absorb any odor. The landing net pole is the second most important component alongside the net. The length is crucial here. However, it is not the case that the longest is the best.

Long rods are extremely practical for fishing from a boat, but are sometimes oversized and not practical for normal banks. These are usually still relatively long even when compact. This usually makes it more difficult to transport these landing nets.

Tackle Deals offers a huge selection of landing nets

Be prepared and conscientious when fishing. Don't risk injuring the fish or making them suffer by using methods that are not gentle and humane. Order a suitable landing net from our range now. We offer a wide range of landing nets for a wide variety of methods, both with cloth nets and landing nets with rubber nets.