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Do you have a favorite fishing spot, but it's a long way from the nearest parking area? Then you know the problem that it can quickly become cumbersome and difficult to transport all your equipment to this location. Transport trolleys make your life much easier for precisely this purpose. You can conveniently load everything from fishing rods & tents through to accessory bags and push them to the desired location.

Trolley or barrow as a transport trolley?

In the area of transport trolleys, there are trolleys that resemble hand trucks and usually have a slightly smaller transport surface than barrows, which are modeled on wheelbarrows.

You need to decide which size you need or, in this case, whether you have a preference for one of the designs.

Properties of a good transport trolley

Regardless of the model or size, there are features that both should have. For example, you should opt for a trolley that can be completely dismantled without any problems. This means you don't have to deal with enormous transportation dimensions and can store it more easily in the car with all the equipment. In addition, the assembly of the transport trolley should be quick so as not to waste unnecessary time.

Models with plug-in and screw mechanisms allow you to adjust the length and width of the cargo area to suit your current requirements. In all cases, the material must be very stable and waterproof to ensure a long service life. The tires should also be as large as possible to compensate for unevenness without falling over.

Some transport trolleys not only have the loading area for the equipment, but also have built-in bags or containers in which you can transport the caught fish to the car. This is extremely practical if you catch fish that exceed the dimensions of normal cool boxes.

Buy transport trolleys in our store at top prices!

Browse through our range of constantly changing offers and find the right transport trolley that offers space for all your equipment. In future, you won't have to run back and forth between your car and fishing spot several times and you won't have to carry heavy loads. So get yourself a relaxed transport option at excellent prices today!