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Carp Boats

Carp Boats

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Carp boats

Are you able to reach fishing spots where otherwise only a few people put out their boats? Inflatable boats make it possible. The carp-tackle is invited and you are completely relaxed on the water. You keep an eye out for a great hotspot. Perhaps carp are sunbathing on the surface of the water, cavorting in shallow bays or making themselves noticed in some other way? Carp fishing can be so beautiful.

Carp boats and their uses

With inflatable boats you are very flexible when fishing. It can be stowed relatively small in the car and is quickly set up on the water. You also don't need a slipway, as the boat can be lowered into the water almost anywhere. Depending on the size of the boat, it can be easily transported on its own.

With a carp boat, you are mobile on the water and don't need a fishing spot that can be reached on foot. You can get to inaccessible shore spots and can quickly change fishing spots on multiple fishing trips.

Carp boats offer even more advantages. You can lay out your carp mounts with the inflatable boat. An sonar helps you to find the perfect spots under water. If the bite occurs, you can drill the hooked carp from the boat. This is advantageous, for example, if there are many obstacles in the water.

Which boat size is recommended?

When buying an inflatable boat, you should make the size dependent on the intended use. If you only need the boat for launching carp boats, small carp boats with lengths of 1.80 m to 2.40 m are perfectly adequate. The boats are relatively light, can be hauled alone and you can also reach hidden spots, such as underneath overhanging trees.

If you want to cover distances with the boat and carp tackle to reach different fishing spots, then the inflatable boat should have a length from 2.70 m. For two people with fishing tackle, boat lengths from 3.20 m are recommended.

Features of the inflatable carp boats

Inflatable boats have several air chambers, which increases safety on the water. Despite the robustness of the rubber material, air can escape from the boat in the event of carelessness. Thanks to the multi-chamber system, you can still stay afloat and make your way to the shore.

Außenborder or E-motors can be mounted on the integrated rear transom, depending on the boat model. You can also attach the handle bar of the sonar there.

In addition, these carp boats are usually equipped with paddles, one or more seats and other features. A repair kit is usually also included so that you can quickly repair a small hole if necessary.

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Heading for new shores! If this is also your motto and you are looking for new inflatable boats, then take a look around our fishing shop. We have great carp boats in various sizes at unbeatable prices!